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Gardenias, which originate in china, have dark green very glossy leaves and highly fragrant waxy white flowers. if you like a challenge and are prepared to give this plant some extra attention, then you will be not disappointed with the results. The secrets to success with gardenias are even temperatures, with careful watering and bright…
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Houseplant Department News

This morning I have had a full session on houseplant cleaning, a job a really enjoy and even more so when the results are so dramatic. I cannot believe the amount of dust that is floating in through the open vents at the moment. So with the aid of my trusty duster, a damp cloth…
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Re-Potting Orchids

Potting up any plant can seem like a daunting task when you are not familiar with the procedure and orchid plants generally tend to be the ones that cause a bit of a panic situation. The following tips should help to make it a simple and enjoyable job because there is nothing better than seeing…
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Citrus Plants

We have taken delivery of a nice collection of citrus plants just recently, so I thought now would be a good time to remind you about their general care. The most popular by far are the lemon trees and these are probably the easiest to look after. They can be grown in a greenhouse or…
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Loyalty Evening T’s and C’s

Thursday 24th May 20% OFF Loyalty Evening T’s and C’s Discount excludes the following items;- Compost Gravel, Handy Bags and Bulk Bags Artificial Grass Real Turf Four Seasons Coffee Shop Eggs Fencing Sheds All Service’s offered. Discount only applied to loyalty customers, sign up is free on the evening. Discount is only offered to items…
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Neudorff Nematodes

Neudorff have released a Nematode that you do not need to refrigerate. These nematodes have a six month shelf life and are prefect to treat a number of little pests in your garden. See below what 3 products we are stocking at Silica Lodge. Be quick as we expect these to sell out fast. We…
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Cherry Trees

Well, the madness of this Spring weather continues and as I write this on a cold and VERY wet Easter Monday I reflect on the fact that early Easter often tends to be disappointing weather wise!                                             I remember moving to a new house once during an early Easter and having discovered my chimney to be…
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Summer Opening Hours

From the 2nd April 2018, Our Opening Times will be changing to the following:- Garden Centre Opening Times, Monday to Saturday – 8.30am to 5.30pm. Sunday – 10.00am to 4.00pm. Four Season Coffee Shop, Monday to Saturday – 9.00am to 5.00pm. Sunday – 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Real Trees Coming Soon

Its coming to that time of the year and its time to start thinking about putting up your Christmas Decoration so Don’t forget we stock Real Xmas Trees here at Silica Lodge Garden Centre. Most of the trees will be in stock the 24th November, but don’t worry if your one of the late ones,…
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     Poinsettias, the indoor plants that just shout Christmas at you, will once again be displaying their seasonal colour in the plant room here at Silica Lodge towards the end of November, so it seems like an appropriate time to remind you about their care.  Hopefully then you will have that beautiful colour lasting over…
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