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Tree of Life

We have just put our Tree of Life up in the store. We are working with Lindsey Lodge Hospice to raise much-needed funds for our local hospice. If you would like to hang a message for a loved one on the tree you will find it along with tags and pens in the middle of the store.…
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Fresh Christmas trees

Our fresh Christmas trees are now in stock Lots of choices and sizes in both cut and potted options

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our real trees are being unloaded and our Poinsettias are in, our Grotto is open again over the weekend Its a very Christmassy feel here at Silica Lodge

Santa’s Grotto

Our Grotto opens this Saturday 17th November and we are very excited This years theme is Alice in Wonderland  Tickets are £9.50 per child and include one adult, every extra adult is £1.50 Take our magical train ride through a winter wonderland arriving at Santas grotto where you will be greeted by Mrs Claus. Your…
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It is getting towards that time of year again when autumn brings its early morning chills and the houseplant department, here at Silica Lodge, starts to change over from the summery-type plants to the winter ones.  On that note, this week sees cyclamen making a grand return to the shelves.  Although we have had a…
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JASMINE POLYANTHUM – Fill your rooms with fragrance

For lovers of fragrant indoor plants Jasmine, with its pure white flowers, has to be high up on the list of favourites. Jasmine is a natural climbing plant and is generally purchased as a small plant in a 10cm or 12cm size pot and trained around a wire hoop or similar framework.  The flowers themselves…
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Although my primary job here at the garden centre is houseplant care, I have also been very busy on the autumn/winter hanging baskets and tubs for outdoor use.  There are lots of plants that can be used to brighten up the garden as we drift into the cooler months and if your summer containers are…
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DRACEANA “Dragon tree”

Having just taken delivery of a lovely selection  of draceanas I thought it a good time to refresh your memories on their upkeep.They make great candidates for the home or office and come  a wide variety of leaf shapes and colour. Draceana is the Greek word for female dragon and the “dragons blood” is said…
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When choosing a houseplant an ivy may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but these underestimated plants are not just for the garden, they have their uses indoors as well.   Ivies have come a long way in terms of  variety since our Victorian ancestors grew the plain green-leaved forms in their parlours…
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Wise Watering

At the time of writing we were still in the grip of the recent long-lasting heatwave and so it seemed sensible to me to put down a few words about trying to keep your garden healthy and happy during a long period of dryness and heat. Whilst we all know that there are plenty of…
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