Autumn is just a few days away!

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Autumn is just a few days away!

As move into autumn its great to just sit and chill around the garden enjoying everything around me. I really hope you are able to do the same! It’s obvious, the trees and shrubs look a little tired and weary from a long year of heat waves and windy weather. There are a few bright orange leaves on my flagpole cherry and my beautiful Cornus sericea ‘Hedgerows Gold’ has deep red splashes on its vibrant golden variegated leaves.

My hostas look unusually good too, by now they would be more like lace curtains but the dry weather has kept the slugs at bay for me as well as a hedgehog.

The asters and sedums look great too, flowering away and literally buzzing with wildlife. Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’ has that fresh spring look with her second flush of golden foliage plus a few stems with magenta flowers, fewer flowers than earlier this year but enough to keep her interesting and colourful.

September is such a great time to look around and appreciate how the garden year has gone so far, what has worked and what hasn’t. Its also a time to enjoy what is still to come like the pears that are hanging on my family pear tree. I can almost taste them, just a little more time to hang around and then I shall take them inside to ripen, yummy! I’m not so lucky with my plums, not a single one this year, plenty of wasps though for the aphids, but no ladybirds or harlequins.

I still have a few projects on the go to complete before winter. there are two areas with stepping stones to place, one where my I put a new rose arch to connect the route from the woodland/wildlife garden to the other side. The others next to the fence line where I’ve added some new climbers, to give access for pruning instead of having to ‘tippy toe’ between perennials and bulbs.

I also need a good weeding session and clean up so that I can continue putting an autumn dressing of compost over some of the dryer areas of my garden before the leaf fall.