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Your local family run garden centre and coffee shop


Did you know we now sell greenhouses? We can supply and erect for you and if needed, build a base to stand it on. For more information message us,Call us on 01724 282148 Or pop down to Silica Lodge garden centre on Scotter road south where someone will be happy to help you.Demonstration models can be seen…
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Due to our Coffee shop becoming busier we are looking to hire a kitchen assistant/cook.Your duties will be to assist in our very busy kitchen preparing and serving traditional homemade food to our wonderful customers.This role will be on a rota over 7 days, no evening work and no split shifts.Hours of work and pay…
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Goodbye Linda

We were sad to see our Houseplant Supervisor Linda Creek retire at Christmas. Linda has worked for us since 2001. Linda started working at Silica planting up and creating hanging baskets before working her way up to supervisor in the houseplant section where she has remained a staple go-to person for lots of customers needing…
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Seed Potatoes

Our seed potatoes are now in stock, you can find them inside the entrance doors

DRACEANA “Dragon tree”

Having just taken delivery of a lovely selection  of draceanas I thought it a good time to refresh your memories on their upkeep.They make great candidates for the home or office and come  a wide variety of leaf shapes and colour. Draceana is the Greek word for female dragon and the “dragons blood” is said…
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When choosing a houseplant an ivy may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but these underestimated plants are not just for the garden, they have their uses indoors as well.   Ivies have come a long way in terms of  variety since our Victorian ancestors grew the plain green-leaved forms in their parlours…
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Wise Watering

At the time of writing we were still in the grip of the recent long-lasting heatwave and so it seemed sensible to me to put down a few words about trying to keep your garden healthy and happy during a long period of dryness and heat. Whilst we all know that there are plenty of…
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In order to keep your indoor plants looking their best the addition of some plant food every now and again will benefit them tremendously. I know that deciding which food to buy can be a bit of a headache when there are so many on the market to choose from, but hopefully I can help…
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Gardenias, which originate in china, have dark green very glossy leaves and highly fragrant waxy white flowers. if you like a challenge and are prepared to give this plant some extra attention, then you will be not disappointed with the results. The secrets to success with gardenias are even temperatures, with careful watering and bright…
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Houseplant Department News

This morning I have had a full session on houseplant cleaning, a job a really enjoy and even more so when the results are so dramatic. I cannot believe the amount of dust that is floating in through the open vents at the moment. So with the aid of my trusty duster, a damp cloth…
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