All Change in our Houseplant Department

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All Change in our Houseplant Department

What a busy few weeks we have had at the garden centre and for those of you who think I have disappeared off the face of the planet fear not, the houseplant department  has simply re-located into another greenhouse. I know some of our regular customers have been wondering what has happened and we thank you for your patience during the upheaval.

IMG_9346The new houseplant area is now restored to normality (not too sure about myself !) and we have a good stock of plants in again and the usual plant wrapping service available.  This week also marks the beginning of the  bedding plant season with the first batch of young summer plants for growing-on now in stock.  Not all varieties are ready yet but we will be ordering each week to make sure we have everything in stock as it becomes available. If you are rearing young plants in the greenhouse remember that they will require some heat for several more weeks yet.  Alternatively start some plants off indoors on your windowsills.

IMG_9345Returning to the houseplants, it is nearing Mothering Sunday, a particularly early one this year on March 6th, and we will have a wide selection of  flowering plants in stock for the occasion.  Lots of  planted bowls and baskets will be ready made up for you to choose from and along with our wrapping service we hope to provide you with the perfect gift.   We also keep a range of outdoor planters made up and these can be wrapped if you are giving them as a present.   Don’t forget to visit our gift shop to choose a nice card as well.

If you have a request for a special plant or arrangement come in and talk to me and I will do my best to get it for you.IMG_9349