A few jobs before Christmas

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A few jobs before Christmas

I think you will agree that we are having some very abnormal weather for the time of year but it is certainly saving on the heating bills.  My other half hasn’t complained of cold feet yet, which is usually a sure indication of snow on the way!  By the time you read this however things may have changed.

On the subject of mild weather it has raised a few points regarding the plants in my conservatory.  I am having to be extra careful with watering  because of the high humidity and fungal disease can soon become a problem when moisture is hanging about.    I have taken the precaution of spraying one of my bowls of mini cyclamen with fungicide because I noticed that the new growth was just starting to show signs of fungal attack.  That should have stopped the spread of the fungus before it becomes a real problem.

A group of miniature “Tete-a Tete” narcissus, which was planted up into a bowl a few weeks ago, is looking very splendid at the moment.  Although they have grown taller than they would normally do in the garden, they are absolutely covered in flower and bud so I know that I have got many more weeks of enjoyment out of them.

All of my “Hot Water Plants” (Achimenes) have now died down completely so I have removed all the old growth from the pots and they will now go into their dry dormant period for the winter.  The shelves they are on in the conservatory are against the house wall  so I know they should be ok and not get too cold.

Keep an eye on your foliage plants indoors now to ensure they are getting enough light.  The Ficus family (Weeping Figs) are particularly prone to leaf drop during the winter and giving them as much light as possible will help to counteract this problem.

Happy New Year to you all.