A Beautiful Hedge!

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A Beautiful Hedge!

Depending to what sort of garden you have and your chosen style of planting will determine what you have to enjoy this autumn and winter, but if you are starting fresh or looking at the prospect of planting a new hedge, boundary or need to add some trees now is the time that bare-root trees and hedging becomes available. Planting ‘bare-root’ works out a lot cheaper than buy container grown plants; they are dormant with a good root system, and will settle in during the winter months ready to grow on when the soil warms up in early spring. The planting time is from November to the end of March depending how the season goes, but planting stops in between when the ground is frozen, and then resumes when it isn’t.

When choosing your hedging its important to consider the future maintenance of it and whether you want it thorny or not. Hedging such as pyracantha (firethorn), crataegus (hawthorn), Prunus spinosa (sloe), berberis or Rosa rugosa make very good hedges deterring intruders. Planting two staggered rows will give a denser hedge that should knit together quickly, this can be a good choice if it’s an outside boundary hedge to your garden as opposed to a hedge between your garden and your neighbour’s.

A thought to the planting style within your garden may also need to be a consideration too.

Future maintenance may be using a hedge trimmer, shears or secateurs. A laurel hedge will be best trimmed with secateurs, those lovely glossy green leaves would look so tatty if done with a hedge trimmer, so maintenance is going to take a little longer than a privet or conifer hedge.

If privacy is an issue evergreen would be the perfect choice, and there are plenty of choices other than conifers. Some evergreen shrubs like Viburnum tinus, Lonicera nitida ‘Baggesen’s Gold’, Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’, Prunus lusitanica, various hollies all can make beautiful colourful hedges.

Not all hedges need to be tall, some are can be low boundaries or used as a frame which is quite often how the box plant is used. Plants like Christmas Box, lavenders, roses, Ilex crenata, euonymus, and various dwarf buddlias make very good low to medium hedges too. For a flowering hedge its important to know when to prune so you get the best effect.