Murder Mystery Night

Your local family run garden centre and coffee shop

Murder Mystery Night

The event is called “Cluedo – Without a Prayer”

It is set at Blackston Manor, home of Colonel Coleman Mustard.

Guests are attending a dinner to celebrate the engagement of Col Mustard to Lady Cynthia Cherry, who lives with her daughter, Miss Scarlett Cherry, at the neighbouring estate Cherry Hall.

All the favourite Cluedo characters will be there, Mrs Peacock, Prof Plum and the new mysterious Dr Ophelia Orchid!

As guests arrive they will mingle with the characters until the Murder is announced.

They will then have the opportunity to question the suspects throughout the evening. If they are lucky, they may even have one eating with them during the night!

The inspector will also bring written evidence to the tables.

Guests need to be on the look out for scenes between the suspects as the evidence is revealed. Perhaps the suspect will give away something they shouldn’t!

After all of the evidence has been revealed, the guests will then be asked to reveal who they think is the murderer and why they committed the crime.