Looking for Inspiration?

As I walk around the garden centre a lot of plants are catching my attention right now. The winter flowering shrubs like Hamamelis, Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’, Chimonanthus praecox and the lovely Loncicera fragrantissima all have pretty flowers on bare stems, they’re flowers look very different from each other in shape as well as colour, but one thing they all have in common is their wonderful sweet fragrance to breathe in and enjoy. Walking into the shade house the first thing I notice is how pretty the evergreen pieris and skimmias look at the this time of year, although their flowers aren’t ready to open for some time yet they’re full of flower buds, giving a hint of what’s to come. In the second polytunnel is Garrya eliptica also known as the Silk Tassel Bush, a lovely evergreen plant with long silvery-green catkins. Whenever I spot a mature one on my travels I can’t help but admire those beautiful catkins. It will grow in any aspect in sun or part shade in well-drained soils, but will perform best in a sheltered site to avoid wind scorch. It’s a versatile shrub that will look great grown against a wall, in a border or even as an informal hedge. Another colourful and always impressive sight are the vibrantly coloured primroses, they’re so pretty and even prettier when giving bright splashes of colour to the hanging baskets and containers. Whilst putting out our tree delivery on Saturday I noticed a Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’ the pink autumn flowering cherry, it looks very pretty with dainty little pastel pink flowers on bare stems and being a small spreading tree it’s sure to brighten up any garden. It will grow in most moderately fertile well-drained soils in a sunny position. In the shop there are the lots of varieties of seed potatoes and although they don’t look particularly attractive to me right now the little shallots next to them do. Every year I plant them in containers on the patio and when they become nice bunches of spring onions I just pull up what I need for whatever I’m cooking at that moment. So if you’re stuck for a few ideas for your garden or what to do, why not have a little walk around your garden centre too, you never know what might catch your attention.