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Your local family run garden centre and coffee shop

Fruit Trees

The approach and subsequent arrival of Winter is the time that Nurserymen turn their attention to trees. The range of ornamental and fruit trees is vast and so we face an interesting challenge trying to second guess the expectations of our customers, however it is important that we supply many of the tried and tested…
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     Poinsettias, the indoor plants that just shout Christmas at you, will once again be displaying their seasonal colour in the plant room here at Silica Lodge towards the end of November, so it seems like an appropriate time to remind you about their care.  Hopefully then you will have that beautiful colour lasting over…
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Psychic Supper

Join us for a dazzling evening with the very own Simon Goodfellow for a night you’ll never forget. A night of mediumship and clairvoyance will not fail to amaze. So make sure you book your ticket fast. This event is hosted at Silica Lodge Garden Centre in the Four Seasons Coffee Shop which will serve…
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Jazz Evening

Join us in the Four Seasons Coffee Shop for an evening filled with great food and excellent entertainment on Friday 16th March from 7PM-10PM! Enjoy live swing music as well as a two course meal cooked and prepared by our chefs.  A selection of wines and bottled beers will be on sale throughout the night. Tickets are…
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Halloween Spooktacular

Join us at Silica Lodge Garden Centre for an Evening of Fun and Games, This includes a number of amazing activities and events:-  First – The main attraction, our train ride around the tunnel of terror. Can you handle the fright? Bring yourself down to see if we can make you jump (child friendly of…
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Meet Tony – Our new Plant Buyer!

With over 22 years as a professional Horticulturalist and a lifetime spent messing about in gardens, Tony will be able to answer most customer questions immediately but has a huge library of information resources for the more complex problems. Well known throughout the Horticultural world, Tony has built up a long list of contacts in…
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British climate is the envy of gardeners the world over

The British climate is the envy of gardeners the world over. Where else can you grow such a diverse range of plants and revel in the fact that mother nature is on your side with her capacity to provide a healthy supply of rain and sun to keep our gardens in good order? Well, I…
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New Opening Hours

      Please be advised our Opening Hours have now changed; Monday to Saturday – 9:00am to 5:00pm Sunday – 10:00am to 4:00pm

Ferns Make Interesting Foliage Plants!

Walking around the garden this morning shortly after the rain was wonderful leaving everything smelling fresh, dripping with raindrops with the plants looking totally revitalised too. I set about my speed gardening as usual, weeded first then tidied up some ferns by cutting away the old tatty fronds followed by clearing little poplar tree twigs…
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Taking Out the Competition!

Last year I incorporated a daily routine, weather permitting of course of what I call ‘speed gardening’ so my first speed gardening session this year has been tackling cleavers and hairy bittercress in my perennials. They are so annoying because the cleavers creeps through and sticks to any emerging foliage trying to strangle and suppress…
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